Dress UP

I saw an ad with a big skirt and these legs and couldn’t help drawing it adding the stripes and the fringe.

It has been so fun to dress up as an art teacher again.  I like thinking of my body as a canvas, that I can change up the painting/collage/sculpture everyday with new colors, textures, and shapes.  Depending on how I put things together I convey a mood and a new attitude each day.  I try to put together clothes that portray happiness–not to others but for myself.

I have found the more I try to look good for others, the less confident I feel.  I have found that the more I look good for myself and God–the more I use it to boost my self respect and attitude about the place I am going– the better the confidence and attitude actually become.  I look in the mirror and say, “Dang girl!  You are rockin’ it!”  And, then, I do, at least in my own mind.  But I think it comes across in my demeanor as well.

This has helped me purge my wardrobe as well.  If it isn’t something in there that makes me feel confident, it is NOT needed.  Just sitting in the drawer it pulls me down–who wants to look in a drawer and feel like that?  Not me.  So out it goes–or it never comes in the first place.

With the new year coming, are you looking at your appearance and wardrobe?  Is that a goal or resolution?  Make sure that you look at it for your self, and the whole process will be so much more worth it and successful.



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  1. Josephine Cutair December 31, 2016 at 9:41 am #

    yes, it will have to look in my closet and drawers, and see what goes out. Thanks for the perspective on how to dress – not how the media thinks you should look.

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