Pioneer of Faith

I am getting ready for a solo exhibition!  I had to go through all of the artworks from the last 5 years and get it down to about 60 of them.  That was hard.  There are so darn many.  It took awhile, and several helpers, to narrow it down, then narrow it again, and yet again.  Not only did I have to critique them for the art, but there are so many that I am attached emotionally to.  My mom tried to talk me into selling the originals and I just can’t.  Because they come from my journals, they are so much more than artwork.  Many of them have stories connected to them, many I still know exactly when and why I painted them.

When I started this journey it was like being a pioneer.  And I was letting Jesus lead the way to perfect my faith.  He took me on a path that made me rethink why and what I believed.  He refined my thoughts and actions into a true faith that is mine, not borrowed, not surface, but deep and lasting.  Each painting is not just a reflection of what I read that day, but what I am feeling about those words.  Each painting is truly prayed over, whispers to God, and a talisman of what I am learning and believing.  Each painting is what I want to reflect about Jesus into the world.

That is something I cannot sell.

Now…some of the other stuff.  Totally cool with it leaving my house.  :O

Do you have something that is a record of your faith journey?  Maybe you write words in journals, maybe a prayer book, maybe quilts, maybe recipes from cookies and dishes, maybe calendars filled with service.  Stop and think about it today.  How have you worked on perfecting your faith with Jesus?

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.
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