Humble Yourselves

This is another verse I am going to use this year to remind myself to work on humility.  The more I build myself up, the more others will try to tear me down.  The more others will not want to be near a conceited person.  Who does? I know I don’t.  I hate being one-upped constantly.   I already wrote yesterday about how smack talk bugs me.  None of us likes to sit and listen to someone go on and on about themselves.  And does it really build them up in the end?

OR…does being commended or complimented by someone else make you feel good?

Does getting a thank you make your heart glow?

Does giving back give you a sense of love and satisfaction?

Does feeling the Holy Spirit well up in you with the love of Jesus make your eyes leak?

I know those mean much more to me.  That is what I think both of us, all of us need to remember.



Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.
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