Longing to spend time with you

This was Paul talking to the Romans…he so wanted to be able to minister to them.  But I love this verse in a bigger context…that Jesus longs to see us to strengthen us with spiritual gifts.  But we have to make time for Him.  In all the layers of our day we have to include that rest time…and that is when Jesus shows up.  And He really does strengthen us in that rest and quiet.  He longs for it.

Longing.  That isn’t a term we use these days.  But it is such an expressive word.  Think of the last time you really wanted something, couldn’t stop thinking about it, almost had a physical ache you needed it so bad.  That is longing. Maybe in our drive thru world we don’t have to long for earthly stuff.  But I know people longing for love, healing, trust, creativity, peace.  That is how Jesus feels about us!  He is longing for us to take the time to be with Him.  And not so He can take from us, but so that He can give to us.    That doesn’t happen much either.  So why not take him up on it? Why not make the man happy?

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