Speak Faithfully

Let’s pray today:

God we have a lot of dreams and aspirations.  We listen to gurus and prophets in our culture tell us to reach for our goals and anything is possible.  We, as your faithful followers, know this is true.  But we know that it does not all come from us.  You reward generously your people–whether it be today or in heaven, you reward us.  You reward us with refreshing peace and hope.  You fill us with courage to face every task.  You fill us with your peace and love.  And you guide us to share those things with others generously.  For those are the true goals of this life:  to love one another and rest in your peace.  We trust that you will help us attain the earthly goals that you have planned for us in your time, for you know far better.  and we can be faithful in that.

Lord we are grateful, Amen


Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.
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