I DID March

I have had a lot of time to think this week about marching and beliefs and politics (three snow days worth people!).  And I realized something, I did march last weekend.

I took my kids and my husband with me.

I marched to a place where I heartfully considered the well being and rights of others.  In fact, I even donated money to those causes while I was there.

I did wear my trendy boots, and was sipping a cup of coffee, because I am blessed to have those opportunities and privileges.  And I did make sure my kids were clean and in clothing that was in good condition.  And we did drive our newer car to get part of the way.

I did shake hands (or even hug) and wish peace to the family next to me that had all of that and the one who didn’t have any of that.  And with the gay/lesbian couple with the adopted kid.  And the foster family.  And the biracial family.  And the blended family.  And the immigrant family. Because they were all marching with me.  (Shout out to ya’ll know who you are…love each one of you and thanks for blessing me!)  And I was proud for the opportunity to march in a place that all those people are welcome.

I did share my views and beliefs.  We discussed ways to be kind to others, ways to help those in need, and ways to be grateful and express thanks for all the things we do have.  We discussed using language that would be respectful and build people up.

We talked about how a person should act, treat others, and be responsible for those actions–so that we could try to prevent oppression and violence before it even starts.  And then we talked about how we forgive violent oppressive people and try to help them change their ways at a personal level.  And we prayed over those people–everyone from leaders of our nations to the leaders of the sewing circle.

And then we signed up to serve others and give to others of our blessings.  Ways that would take care of very basic needs:  food, shelter, love, confidence, hope.  And bigger ways that would provide directly for people, or encourage the promotion of our ideals in society.  Hopefully ways that would encourage others to join our cause because it made them feel good and deeply loved, not guilty or ashamed, not belittled or ignored.

We joined with millions of people all over the WORLD with those similar beliefs, encouraging others to stay strong in our faiths that life on earth can be better for all peoples.  We all marched to different places–each one unique to our comfort level and special needs and individual beliefs, because we are (for the most part) okay with that (although we realize we have to work on respecting each other’s traditions more–we are all human after all and sinfully wrong at times).

I marched to a church.

I exercised my freedoms to religion, gather, and of speech.  I respected all of the people before me who have fought to give me those opportunities.

And guess what?  I marched the weekend before.  And I will march again this weekend.  And most likely every weekend this year, just like most of my other weekends in my past and future.

And I will march around every day trying to embody everything I marched for this weekend.

Because that is what I do.  I march.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.
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