Hear What He Says

Last week I shared the verse about having ears to listen.  This is another take on listening to God…but this emphasizes not just the hearing, but the understanding of what God tells us.

Those of us who truly belong to Christ understand that we are to follow what God says.  I think God is whispering to a lot of people trying to pull them closer to Him, but they don’t hear it, or they don’t understand what and why.  But as followers we know the “code” God is using to get deeper into our hearts.  We hear Him all the time.  And we get it. The who, the what, they why.  And we know that even though we are small as a bird compared to His great vastness, He is taking the time to shine His love and care on us each individually.  We know we belong.

Now our task is to help others understand they belong as well.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.
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