He can sooo handle it…

And the other great part of all of this:  God can handle it.  You know how some friends or family might shy away when you are in crisis?  Or when you are being nasty and making bad decisions?  (And I don’t mean leave , I just mean when they go to the other room so they don’t have to see and hear your hot mess. )  God stays.  He knows you are making bad decisions, He knows you should be confessing or listening to those messengers instead of laying around in your jammies sighing.  And He handles it.  He takes all of you…all the different bubbles that link together to be you.  He strengthens all of those links to keep you together in fact.  He sees all those different bubbles and He loves all of them.

And even better?   He wants all of that.  He longs to have our messes and sins right with all of the good stuff.  Now of course, like any parent, He would rather have more joys and proud moments than times when we need reprimanded.  But He handles it all like a champ.  The best champ of all.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.
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