I am not sure where this idea came from (me or somewhere else)…but I do like the analogy.  Blueprints are a design plan or other technical drawing or model for engineering and construction.  They are a plan, map, layout, representation.  They are needed by a construction crew to carry out the master plan of an architect or engineer so that the structure is safe, sound, and lasting.  Blueprints used to be printed on light sensitive paper, the most accurate way to reproduce the negative image of the original drawing.  This process creates white lines and a blue background on the special paper.

So if we are making God our original design, and our life is the blueprint then:

  • we are a light filled print of the original–made in His image
  • we are an accurate reproduction of the master plan–He planned each one of us without flaw
  • we are a structurally sound and safe construction, a work in progress, built from the ground up
  • we can trust that God is present in each and every piece planned and needed for the final structure
  • we can believe that the end result will be outstanding and loved by God
  • we do not need to be afraid for God is in every process and always with us




Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.
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