Called Jesus

You will notice that a lot of the artwork for awhile is landscape orientation.  I challenged myself to work this direction for an entire journal.  Partially for something new, and partially so I have no excuses when it is time to create a calendar for next year.  🙂  It ended up being really refreshing actually, and I think I will always have at least one journal going like this now (I tend to work in several at a time, so in case something is wet and I have extra time I can keep painting or working in the other books.)

These verses come from the Christmas story.  We all know God really challenged Mary, and Joseph, with this pregnancy.  It was something unexpected, totally new, and He left them with no excuses to carry out this mission of parenting Jesus.  The good thing for them was God gave them explicit directions the whole time…go here, name him this, fulfill these prophecies…that would make it a little easier, but still I am sure this blessing was a challenge at times.  The directions God gave them would be refreshing, peaceful…one less thing to decide.

God had already ordained this perfect name for our Savior.  Can you imagine if Mary and Joseph would have needed to make this decision????  Whoah.  Talk about a heavy load.  And thank goodness they were willing to listen and follow God’s words to them.  Jesus is such a comforting word to call on.

What directions is God giving us today?  Are we listening and letting Him challenge us?  The challenge may be refreshing and the perfect antidote to what we need, we just need to give in, no excuses, and go with it–and let Him bless us beyond imagination.


Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.
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