A glorious Voice

There are so many different tv shows based on the singing talents and voices of undiscovered talent.  We applaud and follow these brave individuals as they vie for our attention and votes.  We tune in week after week, night after night to listen to the music they choose to interpret.

And yet, how often do we stop and listen to the most glorious voice of all?  How often do we truly hear God’s voice in all that He created?  As the verse above listed:

  • the shaking of cedars and whirls of oaks
  • flashes of flame and light
  • booming thunder
  • the rushing of waters

We had a rain storm just last night that woke me up and I couldn’t figure out what the strange noises were.  But now I realize that it wasn’t just the trees in the back yard and the rain on our roof, it was a lullaby from God of promises of a new day.

Let us listen each day for the glorious voice of our God.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.
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