One Step Away

With all of my talk of dancing I thought I should share this piece next.  It is based on the lyrics from the latest Casting Crowns song of this title.  Take a quick listen.  I collaged me of course stepping out, claiming my life with Christ, claiming a life filled with hope and a deep love I can trust at my very core.

One step away from surrender, one step from coming home, one step from arms wide open, His love never let you go, you are not alone…You are one step away…lay down your old chains, come now and take up your new name, your best life up ahead now.  One step away.

This weekend I spoke at a conference and my topic was to relate the soul to my style of faith art journaling/prayer art war book.  I started by listing all the choices we make in life.  As a kid do I choose the Barbie or the Cabbage Patch.  As a wife, do I choose to love my spouse today or be bitter.  As a mom, do I teach in the moment or let it go and spoil.  As a Christian, do I stay in my safe spot or do I go deeper one step at a time.

All of those choices are one step away.  We can move forward with Christ, or we can hold ourselves back.  Step forward with me my loves.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.
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