He Answers

He answers every prayer.  He does…it is in His time, what He sees is best for each of us individually.  Not necessarily what someone else needs.  Not necessarily when someone else needs it.  But what is right for YOU.

Let’s pray for that:

God, You, creator, know our very hearts.  You see into our souls and fill our every cell with your spirit.  You hear and feel us crying out to you–the praises, the concerns.  Help us to understand the amazing magnitude of that.  Help us to understand that you see so much deeper and further than we can ever imagine and you have our best interests planned at all times.  Help us to follow you through the valleys, over the mountains, help us wade through the mud, and soar with the birds.  Keep us focused on the prize…your unending love and protection.  Your peace.  Hold our hands as we fight off the demons who pull us from you…especially when those demons are our very selves.  Strengthen us to give you our yokes, and lighten us to praise your wisdom.  We give all glory to you Christ.  Amen

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.
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