Stay Salty

Stay salty.  Stay on your toes…Keep it fresh.  All ears.  On the ball/job/lookout.  Wide Awake. Hang on every word.

We always need to be salty-vigilant-ready.  Jesus used metaphor after parable after symbol, and a lot of them point back to one main idea:  Keep your faith and be ready at any moment to use it.  Otherwise what good is religion?  How will your faith help you? It won’t.  You might as well not have it.

As I researched this parable I was thinking about some cheap salt I bought vs. the good sea salt–how it takes a tablespoon of the first to get the flavor of the second.  And I learned on Wikipedia that salt doesn’t actually lose its “saltiness” and Bible commentators aren’t sure why Jesus used this parable.  But all that I read did point to this: He meant that you have to use the good stuff or it just isn’t worth it.  We need a deep personal faith.  One that we can call on at any moment.  One that isn’t dependent on a church building, a group of people, a book, or a blog or whatever.

What is it worth using?  The good stuff:  the faith and spirit that is deep within you that cries out to God in praise and thanksgiving even in the hard times.  That will stick with you.

Stay salty my friends.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.
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