Oh, just when we think there isn’t another drop in our cup, ounce in the gas tank (I’m on a roll with the metaphors this week HA!” God swings in to save the day.  He will fill us all–with all He has–with as much as we need.

I maybe should have worked more this lately–school projects, planning, house cleaning, Etsy stuff, getting the blog written for the week.  But instead I let God fill me–I followed His rules of rest.  I took some time with a friend to go do something fun.  I spent time outside.  I painted.  I took a drive, enjoyed the sun, and spring fields and went to church 40 minutes away where the music filled me and leaked out my eyes, and then prayed the drive home.  I centered with God and He filled me.  And I have been more productive this week.

Do you let God fill  you?  There is a difference when we let Him do what He wants in our lives.  His filling supplies so much more than this world ever can.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.
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