Sins in the Sea

Every once in awhile I get a visual of all of my sins and the magnitude of what Jesus has done for us.  This verse from Micah hit me hard.  I sat there and thought about everything I have done…even just recently.  I thought of the big stones, and even every little pebble.  Think about it for you.  Can you see your pile?  If you were to stack them all at your feet what would it look like?  Would it build a wall all the way around you separating you from your Savior?

But when we call on Jesus He sanctifies us!  We can think of it as little sores that He heals.

Or we can think of it as Jesus with a bulldozer coming to crash our walls.  He uses a big excavator to put them in a dump truck that then drives them all to the sea and drops them in.  SPLASH!  (Tanner my little guy would like this visual!)

Or maybe you like the visual of God standing next to you picking up each stone no matter how big.  Then tossing them into the sea, maybe even skipping the little ones. And all of them sinking away out of view.

Either way, kind of makes me want to give God less work to do.  Makes me think about what would happen if my stones filled the sea.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.
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