Needy and waiting

Do you ever feel especially poor and needy of spirit?  Sometimes we just get worn down.

Do you ever wish God would not delay with that deliverance?  It feels like you have been waiting for eternity.  For real.  We are a needy people.  Can you imagine all the petitions to God over the centuries for deliverance? But the reality is, God has been waiting for eternity.  Can you imagine the waiting God has done for His creations to turn back to Him? To repent?  To accept His love?  To accept deliverance?  Kind of puts it in perspective doesn’t it.

Sometimes we have to wait our turn.  Our deliverance might depend on a whole domino effect of answered prayers to a whole bunch of people waiting. Sometimes we have to realize our deliverance already happened, we just have to accept it.


Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.
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