Soul cleaning

I heard this in a sermon this spring–not sure which church.  But I liked it.  Because it is true.  Just because we are Christians–whether it has been since childhood or yesterday–does not mean we are done cleaning our souls.

Much like a house, you can do an amazing deep spring clean.  The whole thing is dust free, sparkling, smelling good, spotless.  And within a week–it needs touch ups.  A regular schedule of straightening up, taking out the clutter and garbage, and disinfecting is the best defense.

Anyone who thinks they are not the same way is wrong.  Every human needs a good cleaning outside and in every day.  We have to take a good hard look at the smudges and ask God to help us wipe them away.  Some are more stubborn and are going to need a good scrub–maybe even a soak–until that stain disappears.  This is one of the reasons I love weekly communion–especially with a really nasty wafer and wine that burns on the way down.  It is like a soul cleaning each week.  But we can do it without communion, we can do it in prayer, we can confess those transgressions daily and ask God for that deliverance every hour if we need to.

Think on your soul cleaning schedule today..does it need revision?

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.
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