What God Wants

I think I heard this in a sermon…or a devotion, not sure which.  But no matter who the thought came from it is dead on.  We sure have expectations for God and we have a tendency as humans to want it now.  Sort of like a drive thru:  we pull up to the menu and speak into the little box, “Yeah, hi?  I want a serving of forgiveness…make it extra large…for that thing I did.  Put a side of {my desire} in.  Extra crispy just the way I like it.  And hmmmm, let’s see, go ahead and add this other stuff just because I don’t really care how it affects others, but it is what I want.  Yeah,  Thanks.  Free right?”  And we pull up to the next window and expect it immediately.

That is not how God works.  People look at the Bible…He makes EVERYBODY wait.  He makes sure that everyone is on page with Him first.  And most of the time He gives us what we need not what we want.

I am the first person to admit I am guilty of this.  I am sooooooo not patient.

What if the table turned.  What if Jesus pulled up to our drive thru?

“Hello child!  I am so glad to see you working!  I would love for you to spread love and encouragement today.  I think you should turn to your co-worker right now and tell them.  Yes, do it.  Oh that made me so pleased!  Okay, what do I want to order?  Oh yes, I want you to be honest.  I want you to share with others.  Just give it all away.  That’s right…just hand it out.  Hmmm, let’s see we better super size that loving thing.  Can never have too much!  That comes with the forgiveness and understanding automatically right? That is definitely what I want you to cook up child.  Okay, I will meet you at the next window, I would love for that to happen right now, but I am super patient, I will wait for you.  We have LOTS of time.”

Could we answer Him?  Could we fill His order?

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.
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