No add-ons

At the restaurant of God there are no add-ons, no a la carte for what He wants from us.  He made this clear to the Israelites when He gave them the 10 commandments through Moses and Aaron.  I mean the top ten are pretty clear and pretty darn good at covering everything:

That list is pretty definitive.  I can see why God commanded them not to even try adding to them and not to take away anything.  Because He worded them perfectly too.  He didn’t need to nit-pick.  He knew these simple rules would last eons.  He knew these would apply to all people, all situations.

And Jesus came to reinforce that these are the only expectations of God.  Not a bunch of rules humans decide need to be added or subtracted to define our purposes.  Nope.

What GOD ORDERS.  These are what we need to do each day.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.
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