Tall Glass of Water

I made step number one in parching my thirsts:  I went to an arts festival and out to a nice restaurant.  The waiter was excellent at keeping our water glasses very full, and my coffee.  Which was awesome because it was this fabulous dark, thick Italian stuff and I knew I needed it to drive home.  He just kept bringing it and bringing it.  They were little cups, but I think I drank five.

But I had to make the first step…I had to come to the restaurant.  I had to order the coffee.  I had to empty the cup so it could be refilled.

Jesus knows we are thirsty.  He knows we need to feel needed, loved, whole, filled.  He wants to be that waiter that refills the glass/cup even if it is still three quarters full.  We just have to show up.  We just have to order…make that move.

My step one is complete in my thirsting for art.  I need to figure out what other steps I am going to take.  And I am inviting Jesus on every step so He can keep me on the right track to being filled.


Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.
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