Standing on Holy

God was talking to Moses about standing on holy ground and considering it sacred.  But what if we considered all ground holy?  What if everywhere we walked we considered the fact that God is with us, that He created that space in the world, that He created the people in that spot.  What if we respected it, looked for that joy I talked about yesterday?

So many people think churches are the only holy places, or Jerusalem.  But they are so wrong.  The spirit is strong in each of us in all places all the time.  That is what makes it possible for us to share the gospel to all.  If we pretend we only have to be Christians on Sunday mornings in a certain building we aren’t giving glory to all God can do.  But if we truly walk as companions of Christ, think of what we are capable of.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.
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