Be Pleasing

More playing…lots of collage is happening around here.  I wear Modge Podge and glue like perfume lately.  In fact, I got gel nail polish to protect my nails from all the goo.  (Everything washes off it like a charm and I have great nail color and long healthy nails.  Bonus.)  I bought a hymnal at a garage sale that has this bright white paper and thickness–perfect for collaging, so you will see lots of music notes popping through art for awhile.

I know my art time, meditation, and the prayers and songs over the finished pieces is pleasing to me.  I just hope it pleases Jesus.  I am guessing it does.  I know I feel His presence.  I know I feel Him inspiring me lately.  I know that the Bible says He loves when we spend time communing with Him.

How do you meditate with God?  What words do you share with Jesus?  Are they pleasing?  Can you feel His pleasure?

Maybe this blog is part of that time with Him.  You can easily look up the verses in the art in the Bible and find the rest of the words.  Pray over them.  Study them.  Write down your own thoughts and prayers.  Maybe  you even make art to go along with it as well.  Maybe you sing.  Maybe you go cook, or garden, or drive to work and meditate on it.  Whatever you do, I hope you are connecting to our Savior and feeling His joyful love in your life.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.
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