Ya’ll know I preach having quiet time with God/Jesus/Holy Spirit.  Ya’ll know I encourage you to look for them all day long.  Ya’ll know I think praising them should be a dancin’ clappin’ reachin’ up to them affair.  It’s because I have learned that doing those things provides ways to BE with God.  Not just letting them walk along side you.  Not just letting them carry you.  But holding onto them and breathing in that constant.  Just relaxing into them, yet pulling the Trinity along with you every where you go.

Let’s pray today:

Trinity we want to BE with you today and everyday.  Today we promise you to take a moment, a minute, maybe more throughout our day to just stop and praise you with our deep breaths of love and satisfaction.  We confess we are going to screw up today despite our efforts to follow your path.  We confess we need you to be with us.  We confess that we are in need of you and that we surrender to your love and the joy it can bring us now and the hope in eternity.  Let all of our moments we give to you, being with you, collect into a life that is a beacon to others.  Encourage us Trinity to rejoice in those moments of being–of understanding your majesty and in thanksgiving.  And we pray that you feel our love returned to you.

All God’s people shout…AMEN!

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.
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