Not the Fish they are after

Sorry no post yesterday and that this is one is late this morning.  Both Annika and Tanner were on baseball teams for the Iowa Games this weekend and Jeff coached Annika.  It was a busy weekend, lots of sun, lots of people.  Went well overall.  The one thing that always bugs me is we can’t make it to church.  So I try to squeeze in Bible time, worship songs, whatever I can with the kids.  When we drive we listen to sermon podcasts.  But it’s not the same as fellowship worship with other seekers of faith.

I look around the crowds and wonder, how many of them know Jesus?  Some are chasing sports dreams, some enjoy the camaraderie, some the outdoors.  But they never seem satisfied.  A lot of people spend their weekends looking for ways to find peace after hectic and stressful work weeks.  Fishing for ways to feel complete that they can take with them the rest of the week.  Not that they recognize it as such.  But really that is what they crave.  At least, I know I crave Jesus.  I crave that peace.  Every day.

Sometimes I wonder what would happen if churches focused on that more.  On filling the empty wells with peace rather than pushing to do more.  Maybe if we all felt that peace we would be more willing to want to share it with others.  I think too often we use the church as a marketing tool and not as a medicine to salve our souls and bring us closer to God.  Which is the whole point.

What do you think?

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

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