Taste and See

Speaking of Coca Cola yesterday, and then this pie…man do they taste GOOD.  I love me some pie–cherry, peach, rhubarb, chicken…it doesn’t matter whether it is sweet or savory.  I love pie.  I cannot resist it.  The same with Coca Cola.  Pepsi I can walk away from.  Mountain Dew–yucky.  Iced Tea—mmmm, depends.  But Coke–yummy.  Want it.  Gimmee.

What if we looked at faith that way?  What if we had faith in Christ as our favorite food served up beautifully before us?  How could we not desire that?  How could we resist digging in and wanting seconds, thirds, forget it….just give me the whole darn thing!

That is what our faith should be like!  God wants us to crave Him and his love and fellowship like we crave nothing else.  He designed us to want Him every moment of the day–and then our free will got in the way and humans separated from Him.  And they have been searching for ways to get back closer to our creator ever since!  How ironic is that?

And the thing is, once we do taste how good His love and grace is, you do crave it constantly.  Because it is sooooo good.  


Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.
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