Satisfies the Thirsty

These cravings…I don’t know about you but I can eat something I am craving, and I still feel empty—I don’t want it to stop.  Just one more bite and it will be all right.  I am never quite satisfied.

But with Jesus…there is satisfaction.  There is a lightness, yet fullness.  Have you felt that?  A completeness.  And I know that what He fills me with is good.  Goodness in its perfect form.

Let’s pray today…

Savior, Creator, Spirit–you fill us in ways we cannot imagine.  We pray to you often with our concerns, our praises.  Today we come merely for the satisfaction of YOU.  We put aside all of our earthly cares and seek communion with You Lord.  We know that you fill all the little crevices in our bodies and souls.  We know that you are sweet goodness overflowing and never ending.  We do ask that you help us recognize that what we crave is YOU…that fullness and satisfaction that only you provide.  Help us seek YOU. Let us remember that You are our portion.  And that You are all we need, in this life and eternity.  Amen

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.
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