Mighty Waters

Fascinating isn’t it how we need water so much, and yet it can be such a burden at the same time.  We want there to be just enough.  And we don’t want to have a drought or a flood.  Have you ever listened to water in its different forms?  I’m guessing you have.  The pitter patter of rain, to the drumming of a downpour.  The rippling of tide, to the crashing of waves.  A trickle from a faucet, or incessent drip all night long.  It has its own music that can turn our emotions inside out.  It can calm us to sleep or it can excite us to a frenzy.

What if we thought of those waters as the Holy Spirit?  What if we thought about how God is in the calm, bringing quiet, or He is in the storm crashing and calling to us.  How will we react to His calls?  Will we listen and receive them?  Or will we ignore them?  His voice is mighty and powerful whether it is small and quiet or enormous and loud.  Our first step is just to recognize that.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.
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