More than thought

Summer, in terms of school, is almost over.  I have been in my art classroom every day for the last week, and many days before that.  We went on one last weekend trip to Branson as a family last week.  And the blog got away from me.  Partially because I thought I didn’t have anything worthy of posting.  I didn’t like what was left of other art left in my library (just wasn’t feeling them).  I felt like I had created a lot of mediocre art this summer…lots of just playing around bits that weren’t worthy of the internet.

But I had more than I thought.

Some needed tweaking and a lot needed finishing as much as anything.  I also haven’t taken the time to scan anything and add them to my online library.  Saturdays are “blog” days–when I get art ready and write at least a week of posts and schedule them–and I haven’t been home for many Saturdays in quite awhile.

But when I took the time this morning to do all of those things I was pleasantly surprised by the 50 pieces that resulted.  🙂

It is easy to get frustrated in the midst of a big project when it seems like nothing is working and we will never see a finished product.

Do you feel like that about your relationship with God?  Do you think He feels that ways about us?????  Maybe we need to spend time tweaking ourselves and our faith.  Maybe God knows there is a lot of awesome product ready to emerge from each one of us, and He is just waiting to put the finishing touches on…or waiting for us to put it into action.  Stop and think about that today and how it could pertain to you, your life, your faith.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.
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