Embedded prayers

I spent a lot of time just allowing myself to play with my art supplies this summer trying new techniques, new color combos, more doodling, less doodling, lots of collage.  It was wonderful.  I get caught up trying to “create” “good” stuff–that is internet ready, sellable on Etsy, pinnable for Pinterest.  And become far too critical–and then kill my creativity and desire to work.

When I allow myself to let God flow through me and into my artwork though, the artwork becomes something else.  It has deeper meaning than what stays on the surface of the paper.  Prayers and soul become embedded in each mark.  And in God’s miraculous ways, those pieces are often some of my favorites.  And probably God’s too!

Our culture asks so much of us, especially as Americans.  Criticism, commentary, and opinion are integral to our way of life–commonplace, our choice/freedom/right, even required.  It can be absolutely draining.

Because that is not how God designed us to be.

He wanted us to work in service to HIM.  We are to work for His pleasure.  And when we mix Him in, embed Him, flow through Him, and allow His spirit to encourage us through the process none of the other stuff matters.  And our work becomes more of an intrinsic reward that carries our own spirit so much farther.

I am learning this lesson daily.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

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  1. Susan Emert August 22, 2017 at 6:24 am #

    Your art work and your words inspire me each morning. Thank you, Nicole, for sharing your love of Jesus by using your creative gifts to glorify Him, and for giving your readers a daily dose of truth, joy and beauty. You are appreciated!

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