BE the sunshine…

It has been the coldest and rainiest beginning to a school year I can remember.  Even the day of eclipse was dark and grey–the whole day.  Which I have to admit I wonder how much that phenomenon has messed with all of the weather.  I have been wanting some bright sun and blue skies!

The beginning of our school year in our building has not been very sunny either.  There are A LOT of changes this year and it is making a lot of people quite snarky.  It can be difficult to find some sunny attitudes when you walk the halls.

So I decided, as I often do because that’s just how I roll, that I needed to be some sunshine–the beacon of light.  I need to laugh and let God flow through me.  I have Him with me, reminding me I am not a hot mess, calming me– and hopefully it will destress some of these other people.  But it isn’t ME doing it, it is GOD and what He calls me to do.  Recognizing that difference is crucial.  Knowing that the light comes from another source and just fills me makes it brighter and purer.

Try it today–see if it changes your attitude being the sunshine to others, see if it changes their attitudes.  It might, it might not.  I haven’t been completely successful.  But knowing it is God guiding me sure helps it roll off my back and lets me keep being His light.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.
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