Wakens My Ear

Isaiah is in the Lutheran lectionary cycle this year.  Every week there is a passage to study from this book in my devotions and I must admit I am really enjoying it.  What I should do is take a break and read the whole book in its entirety.  We shall see…I kind of like bopping around, too.

But the thing that strikes me every time I open up to Isaiah is the parallels to the times nearly 3000 years ago.  It shows me that no matter what kinds of technology we have developed in this “modern” age (because doesn’t every generation consider itself so?), we as humans really have not come that far.  We still have the same issues, sins, concerns, worries.  We still need God.  We still need to turn to Him for direction, acceptance, love, and hope.

Morning by morning I continue to open the Bible and paint.  I continue to look to Jesus for grace and guidance as the Bible calls me to do.  And I have never been disappointed.  It may not be the words I wanted, but they are always the words I need.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.
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