The Flood

Even further back in the Bible is this crazy little story about God flooding the whole darn earth.  Not just an area, not just a country.  Not a house, not a resort, not a business.  But the WHOLE earth.  Talk about a disaster of epic proportions.

Floods.  Earthquakes.  Millions of people are being affected by them all over the world right now.   We don’t know what will happen next.  Where will be affected.  Who will be affected.  It is scary stuff.  We could blame global warming, we could blame the solar eclipse throwing everything off whack, we could blame all sorts of different stuff. We could hide.

Or we could do like Noah, climb on the ark and stay afloat.  Wait it out.  And then praise God for the lives spared. Praise God for all those who have another chance.  For He has promised that no matter what storms come–no matter what reason–He will not flood the entire earth again.  He will bring us to Him and to what is truly important–not the earthly possessions and homes–but the heavenly love and shelter of Jesus we can all have.

Continue sending prayers for them.  Lift up those in the Texas and Florida  and the Caribbean and Bangladesh and Mexico, and other areas, up that they can keep their eyes on God through it all.  That they can find the ark that will give them hope and carry them through this storm.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.
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