Opening Ourselves Up

Do you ever read the scriptures and something new stands out to you?  I know this is why people refer to it as the Living Word.  God uses his mysterious ways to help us apply His word and teachings to fit each of us in each situation.

Sometimes we get a deeper meaning than just the words the first time we read a passage.  Sometimes it takes 2 or 3, sometimes 200 or 300, readings.  The important part is this:

  1. Opening our hands to  hold the scriptures–it can’t affect us at all unless if we don’t have contact with it.
  2. Opening our eyes to really read the words and contexts on the page.
  3. Opening our minds to seeing relationships, the pasts, and the futures.
  4. Opening our hearts to feel God’s presence.
  5. Opening our self completely, our very soul, to accept what messages God is sending.


Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.
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