Being Different

Sorry for the lack of posts last week.  Homecoming, kid activities, an art teacher conference, and a printer/computer breakdown had me bogged down, exhausted, and I never got the posts completed last weekend.  But after some fun time learning new art teacherin’ stuff and then a 3 hour nap today I am feeling rejuvenated.  If only I had one more day to play in my studio now!

Sometimes I just sketch and then paint a bunch of random artwork when my Bible study for that morning doesn’t necessarily lend itself to a painting–or maybe I have done that verse, love the completed piece and can’t get past it to make a new one.  So I end up with random blank art.  And then I cruise Pinterest for quotes that might fit.  I have always been a sucker and collector of other people’s words–wise, sentimental, or sarcastic.  Apparently ones about standing out and being different stood out for awhile, because there are several that I can share with you this week.

But they still can connect to faith…because our life should be intertwined with our life.  Not something separate.  Not something we leave behind.

So Dr. Seuss says that we have to be odd to be number one.  Well.  We are different.  We are odd.

We have acknowledged that we sin and are not in control and will never be perfect.  We have embraced grace and the love of our Creator.

Those are things that are pretty contrary to today’s American culture that strives to control, “keep up,” and judge and grudge.

But hopefully our oddness does make us stand out.  And in a good way.  Hopefully we are the leaders in our homes, workplaces, and communities.  Hopefully we are making impacts in positive ways.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.
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