What GOD is doing

This may seem contrary to the last post…think less, do more.  When this one declares see what God is doing NOT US.  But actually they work perfectly together.  When we think less and do more, we are actually giving our thinking over to God and we are following our hearts, working in action and faith.  We let God guide our actions.  We let Him lead us when we give Him the control, when we don’t overthink things.

Have you ever imagined a conversation with someone in your head and then it never takes place?  Maybe that is thinking too much.  Maybe God knows those words shouldn’t be said, or that it isn’t the right time yet.  Or maybe you just don’t need to think it, but do it–say it, go do it–but let God guide your words.  Then see if what comes out are your words or His.  And His ways are always better.

When we give the credit to God and don’t take it for ourselves there is a sense of peace.  Humility doesn’t mean we don’t have pride in it, but it means that we realize we are doing things for a higher good.  We realize that we don’t need extrinsic rewards–the intrinsic love and grace of our Savior is enough.  And we are doing through Christ in obedient gratitude.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.
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