God does: pour

You know how we can trust that God will fill us, protect us, guide us, love us, forgive us?  Because He DECLARES–not mumbles– that He will POUR– not drip– the Holy Spirit on ALL –not just a few–flesh.  That is a big promise.  And God keeps His promises.

He is usually pretty broad in His promises.  I think a lot of people want to take them very literally.  For example:  “He promises to watch over me all the time…so give me this parking spot.”   I am not sure He meant them quite like that.  He wrote the Bible so that it would last thousands of years and speak to billions of people.  He had to make the promises work in a lot of contexts.

But this one is pretty literal.  He will FILLALL of us.  With HIS SPIRIT.  He is going to pour it out.  Envision God up in Heaven with a bucket and He lifts a lid off of each of us and dumps in as much Spirit as possible until we overflow.  He doesn’t use a funnel, to be careful so it won’t drip.  He doesn’t stop half way to make sure it doesn’t spill.  He isn’t concerned that He will run out so everyone gets just a portion.

Nope.  FILLS us.  And REfills.  And REfills.  REfills.  Eternal free refills.  For.Ev.Er.


And that is why we can trust Him.  That is why we can give Him control.  He is not a stingy God.  He fills us in each and every moment.

That is something to trust and be thankful for now isn’t it?

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.
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