Many many many

There are so many opportunities and needs within the body of Christ.  I think people get caught up in the idea that the church is just for certain people.  Some people think mission work is only for the chosen, or those who are willing to go overseas.  But none of that is true.

The body consists of the elderly woman who’s faith has carried her quietly through 80 years of life struggles and joys and still she sits in her pew–though she knows the scriptures and songs by heart, she still bears the light.

The body consists of the father who brings his children.  He makes them listen in church, he shares the Word, he encourages their faith.

The body consists of a child, wide-eyed, and startled by the water of baptism as his/her parents look on with promises of faith shining in their eyes.

The body consists of a crazy art teacher who makes faith art each morning to share with others.

And it consists of you.

We are all needed.  We all shine bright.  None of us is favored over the other.  Jesus came for us all.  The body is many.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.
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