All Streams

I loved this verse in Ecclesiastes and I don’t remember it ever sticking out to me before.

In terms of what I have been writing about this week, all of our thoughts flow to God.  All of them.  And yet He is never full, He never overflows, He never busts a dam, or floods.  He is constant and steady and always ready to take on what we will give Him.

Do you remember the artwork I shared of our sins at the bottom of the sea?  If we add all of those rocks to the bottom, and know that the sea should be more shallow, it is all the more amazing that we continue to throw rocks, throw prayers, leak issues, flow with concern…you get the idea.  AND GOD CONTINUES.  His sea is never full.  There is always room for one more thing.  He will take each and every drop.

Yes, His ways are much higher than we can ever imagine.  His truth is clearer and more filling.  His life is neverending.

Praise Him unending.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.
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