Hear Him in the Morning

I hope that not only do you read what I write, but that you truly take in the Bible verse.  Or even better that you take that verse, open your Bible in hand or online (love Biblegateway!) and read the all of God’s words.  They are so precious.

We always hear at church how important it is to read the Bible everyday, to start that habit, and how it will be life changing.  I would sit and listen to them preach this and think, someday, I will do that, when I have more time.  Until I discovered that I needed to make that time.  I needed to protect that time.  And as I created that habit it became more and more important and I have felt it transform me.

Make that time each morning.  Put your trust in Jesus and listen to His words.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.
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