Autumn is such a pretty word.  And season.  I decided I better share this art before it gets too late.  And I am going to share this Facebook post from my sister, Sarah Plymesser Beard:

Here’s my morning musing: I was driving home after dropping off the kids at school and noticed how beautiful the tree colors are. Then I noticed how quickly they seem to have gone from beautiful color to dropping leaves fast. But it was beautiful how the leaves looked like they were raining off the trees…. like this beautiful shower of color. God’s glory, right? But then I noticed….. this one leaf. Just taking it’s time from tree limb to ground. Swirling, floating, drifting. Not in a hurry to end it’s moment. Realizing that even though this is probably it’s last breath of beauty, it was soaking up the bright sun, the cool breeze, the scenery around as it floated. It was different. It would really make a beautiful children’s book. The life of this 1 leaf. 1 leaf amid all of the beautiful ones that stood out to me and made me pause and enjoy. Reflect. Mind you I was driving, so it really was a fleeting moment, and yet I’m sharing it with you. There is real joy in not hurrying to get to the next…. thing on the list, stage of life, whatever. God said rest. Enjoy life. All the way to the end. I hope that my life is like that little leaf. Enjoying and dancing all the way to the end. Standing out by being different, against the grain of what everyone is doing, but recognizing This is my life, this is my opportunity to enjoy what God has given me and what He made me to do. …. Now funny end trailer. The next block over, there was another dawdling leaf. He hit my car on the way down. Should have landed faster.

Image may contain: plant, flower, nature and outdoor Image may contain: tree, sky, plant, outdoor and natureImage may contain: tree, plant, sky, outdoor and nature

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