It seems to have been a year of epic storms.  All around the globe the earth is shaking, blowing, pouring out its angst on the land and its inhabitants.  The monetary numbers don’t mean much to me…yes it is the loss of comfort and security.  Our homes are our sanctuaries.  These disasters rip those away and create a lot of headache.  I think too often we put too much emphasis and worth on our homes and possessions.

Because there are other kinds of storms that can rip away comfort and security as well.  Illness.  Job issues.  Family issues.  Drugs.  Politics.  Inequality.  These are equally destroying storms.

Even the holidays…this next season can be very difficult.  I know the “anticipation” of the holiday season creates enough anxiety in me to create a tornado of my own!

So what do we cling to that is lasting, true, complete, and free?  God’s love and hope.  It is our hope in Him that will carry us.  It is His love that gives us refuge.  It is in His arms that we are made whole by His merciful grace no matter how we handle a situation, no matter how other people treat us, no matter what natural or human made disaster strikes.  In. HIM.  Jesus Christ our Savior and Lord.  HE calms the destroying storms and holds us close while they pass us by.  And He promises that our FAITH here on this earth will be paid with the HOPE of His LOVE for ETERNITY.  A storm can last minutes.  Our Creator, the creator and ruler of all nature, is eternal.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.
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