Remember the Wonderful

Autumn is such a season of contradictions–it is bright colors of leaves, pumpkins, berries.  It is the long awaited and needed harvests.  It is a season of gratitude for plenty.

But all of that comes at the expense of death.  Judgements–from nature, from humans.

Frost instantly killing and turning plants black.  Leaves and stalks withering.  Fruit rotting.  Fields being stripped.   It is hunting season when humans create sport out of harvesting animals that will feed families and control extra population, but due to humans upsetting the natural predator cycles.  It is when the homeless and destitute start to worry where will they stay warm at night?

Bittersweet, huh?

There is good and bad in everything.  We must remember that.  There is a balance to all that happens on earth.  There are judgements uttered.  There are cycles that will occur of plenty and scarcity.

Luckily God has programmed us to look for the plenty.  To enjoy His wonderful works.  Because really the evil is fleeting and God has planned for the cycles of life to be MUCH LONGER and LASTING.  We must fight past the bitter and focus on the sweet.  Evil likes to stand in the way of that, creating a screen of negative fog that can hide the wonderful.

Reach through the fog.  Focus on the colors.  The harvests.  The life.  The growth.  The time of rest necessary to make the growth and life that much greater.  Depend on a God of promises and hope.  Depend on a God of light.  Remember the wonderful works that happen each moment.  The breath that fills your lungs and the blood that pumps through your veins.  For love is every molecule of oxygen that keeps your life sustained.  And it comes from God.


Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.
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