Self Sacrifice

I love how the Bible repeats itself, but in different wordings.  So if one passage doesn’t hit the mark, if we don’t quite get it, understand, whatever, there is another place where it can.

This verse in Matthew is along the very same lines as the other two this week.  But it reiterates that not only do we need to not follow the mischief makers and stray from the path/herd, we need to give up ourselves to Jesus.  We have to admit we are not the most important individual, that the good of the herd and the path to God’s glory are.

It also promises not just forgiveness, not just leadership, not just confidence though.  It promises that we will find our one true best self.  For that is what we are in Christ.  Our best.  His path, the work for Him, is what will lift us up to our full potential and then we get to bask in God’s glory with all of the herd.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.
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