Peace and Hope

A Christmas piece for this year.  I have made a few–they aren’t always my favorite to make, so they don’t turn out very often.  🙂

Americans have a lot of “traditions” we are supposed to do.  This year I actually got family photos and am sending copies to dear friends and family.  My husband has taken over ALL gifts this year (hallelujah!).  I am not baking a single thing.  (sigh of relief)  We aren’t doing Advent much this year, which I miss, but the kids just aren’t all home at the same time most nights.  I put up decorations, but then quickly realized I needed some clear spaces, and took half of it down.  (much better)  So I guess you could say we are simplifying things in terms of American expectations.

What I am including more of this year is the whole concept of PEACE.  Being happy with what is really important, my friends and family.  Relaxing in the peace of quiet.  Being still and resting.  Finding hope in our Savior.  Sharing love with the ones I can.  Being a beacon of hope when I can be.

I hope you are enjoying your holidays this year and finding how you can celebrate them best–with traditions or not.  For this season is supposed to be about readying our HEARTS for the celebration of Christ and the family he baptizes us all into.  His birthday celebration was pretty simple in the beginning.  Nothing fancy.  Just hope and love beaming and spreading.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.
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