Birds of Christmas

I do love painting birds!  LOL They have sort of become my trademark in ways.  So I have one for you today, and one tomorrow.  Even winter.  My hope in spring, and the new life God will send, the ever green, the new nests, the new eggs, the new babies.  They will come.  In the midst of the bleak winter, there are signs of truth–hope and love and faith –all around us.

God’s truth.  It is so worth waiting for.  It is so worth knowing.  It is so worth having.  It is so worth searching for.

Not the “truth” the government or media shares.  Whatever that is.  Not what your neighbor tells you.  Not what you see in the grocery store.

Because every story, every thing you see, every person you see–has a deeper truth that is affecting them to their core and everything they say and do.

Look instead for that deeper truth.  The truth that God sees and knows.

And not just at Christmas time.  ALL YEAR.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.
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