Find Your Tribe

In honor of Valentine’s day I am sending out a special bouquet to my tribe.  I have been blessed beyond belief–God has filled my tribe with many people, from all over.  I learned in each place we lived that it isn’t always easy to find the people in your tribe.  It is easy to meet people, easy to find people with things in common, but not easy to find the people who it is easy with.  You know the ones I mean–the hours of time together are never quite long enough to say everything you need to.  The ones that no matter how long you have been apart, the easy never disappears.  These are the people it is easy to surrender to and be loyal.  These are the ones God places in our lives to remind of the importance of love.

Thank you for being in my tribe.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.
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