He Honors Us

So over break I was listening to the teachings from our church back in Chicagoland.  (You can find them at ccconbell.com.)  They started a wonderful vision quest this winter to have a list of 500 stories of acts prompted by faith.  500 instances of being servants of Christ.  Listening to His whispers and following them.

This art takes on a whole new meaning to me–now it looks like sounds waves traveling in a tunnel–maybe even an ear drum.  It makes me think about listening to Jesus and what words and directions He is sharing with me–with you.  How often do we hear Him talking to us, yet we act like Jonah and run the other direction?  How often do we pretend we don’t hear it at all?  How often do we listen, but choose not to follow?

What would happen if we were servants and followed?

God tells us right here what will happen.  He will HONOR us.  This verse is from John 12:26.  These are the words of Jesus.  He promises this to each of us.  We must only choose to follow and serve.

How will you do that today?

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.
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