Blessed is He

Psalm 118:26 or Matthew 21:9 or Matthew 23:39?  I don’t remember.  When I just typed in these words all three of these verses popped up.  (Isn’t Bible Gateway fabulous!  Love that site!)  I have linked each passage to the page on Gateway so you can easily read and compare if you would like to as well.  Each one is very different.  Yet the same–  they speak of the sovereignty of Jesus as our God and Lord.

Let’s look at them backwards:

Matthew 23 is subtitled “warnings against hypocrisy and the seven woes of the Pharisees”.  It warns against thinking that we know all, against judging others, against looking good on the outside, but still having hearts of humans that are full of sin.  It is quite the chapter.  Really humbles you.  Really makes you realize none of us can attain the blessed perfection of our Lord.

Matthew 21 is the story of Palm Sunday.  One of my favorites.  I love the imagery of Jesus on the donkey, the crowds with palms, the feelings of victory and praise, yet the impending sorrow.  So powerful.

Psalm 118 is a long one.  It is filled with praises for God that He has saved His people from all sorts of issues, that His love endures forever, that He will come and save us all for eternity.  It is such a satisfying piece of praise!  It made me want to read it out loud and say, “Amen!” every few lines.  LOL

I encourage you to read all three and compare, see what you think and what you pull out of these words.  Our God is so good that He encourages us to use our hearts and minds to enjoy and think on His teaching.


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