He Gives Us Mercy

It is Good Friday friends.  The day that we memorialize Jesus’ death on the cross.  The day that He atoned for all our sins and gave us mercy.  Each and every human.  He knew that each one of us was going to sin in and out of every day.  He knew we were going to fall short in every occasion.  And still He paid the price.  He knew.  We cannot hide anything from our Lord, for He created us, He knows our every fiber.

We can let that be scary that He knows us so well.  Or we can understand it, accept it, and let that lead us to confess that we are small compared to His greatness.  That we are partial to His wholeness.  That we are mediocre to His greatness.  That we need Him,  that we want Him.  And we can receive His blessed mercy and love.



Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.
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